Even in this era of digital media and marketing, public relations goes way beyond sending out a press release. 

While media exposure can validate your product or service in a way that other marketing initiatives cannot, whether you're a business, nonprofit or band, you must spread your gospel through social media and word-of-mouth, too.


Creating a community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn or in a blog is part of a smart PR strategy. But it is not a direct sales tool. It is a place where you can build loyalty for your company by engaging people with information related to your product or service that truly interests them.

Loyal social media followers will promote your product or service without even asking because they love it. Over the fence post with their neighbor. Having a beer with a friend. At a party with a colleague. On their own social media sites.


Which leads us to word-of-mouth PR. These creative campaigns identify your biggest fans, getting them to promote your product or service to others in a genuinely passion and enthusiastic way. As ideas people, we love creating word-of-mouth campaigns. Drilling down to the core of what makes your clients and customers tick and devising an ingenious way for them to talk about you makes us happy. 


As for traditional public relations, even with digital media creating more outlets than ever, you only get out of it what you put into.

That is why our our PR services are always part of a larger media strategy.

That is why we are not a fan of the one-off press release. The expectation is that sending a press release is going to result in coverage. The reality is that it seldom does. Why? 

  • It takes time to develop a targeted media list of journalists, who will be receptive to your message.
  • It takes time to research how to best pitch each writer, blogger, radio and TV news producer. 
  • It takes time to research and craft a newsworthy pitch specific to each outlet. 
  • It takes times to plan a campaign that will promote your new product, donor drive or album that maximizes coverage.

Diligence is rewarded. 


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