Creating exposure with targeted media outlets and your fan base validates your company, organization or band in a way that other marketing initiatives cannot. Whether you want to promote a new product, donor drive or album, we combine traditional and modern approaches to PR to spread your gospel via media relations, social media and word-of-mouth marketing.


Effective public relations requires a media strategy unique to each client. We really do toss around a few ideas to formulate the best campaign for you. Diligence is rewarded, which is why we prefer to work with companies, organizations and bands that need PR services on an ongoing basis or for a specific event.

  • Custom list building - To maximize coverage, we create a targeted list of journalists and bloggers across all media outlets—trade, consumer, regional and national—who will be receptive to your story.
  • Targeted pitches - Through traditional public relations pieces, including press releases, media alerts and op-eds, as well as more modern approaches—Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn—we research and craft newsworthy pitches specific to each writer, blogger, radio and TV news producer, so that your message will appeal to their media outlet.
  • Media relationships - We maintain relationships with reporters, bloggers and influencers.
  • Events - To raise awareness for your product, service, fundraiser or new CD, we can create an event marketing campaign that includes PR, social media, word-of-mouth marketing, corporate outreach and branding. 


Creating a community on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn or in a blog is part of a smart PR strategy. But it should be used gingerly as a direct sales tool. Most importantly, it should be a place where you build loyalty for your company, organization or band by engaging people with information related to your product or service, mission or music that truly interests them.

Loyal social media followers will promote you without even asking because they love what you do. Over the fence post with their neighbor. Having a beer with a friend. At a party with a colleague. On their own social media sites.


Which leads us to word-of-mouth public relations. These creative campaigns identify your biggest fans, getting them to promote your product or service, mission or music to others in a genuinely passionate and enthusiastic way. As ideas people, we love creating word-of-mouth campaigns. Drilling down to the core of what makes your clients, customers, donors and fans tick and devising an ingenious way for them to talk about you, makes us happy. 


  • Media kits
  • Press campaigns
  • Social media
  • Word-of-mouth PR
  • Events

It’s no wonder Jammin’ for Japan, a fundraiser for the Japanese tsunami victims, raised over $50,000. Carrie kept our team organized and focused on each task and deadline as they approached. She secured TV, print and radio interviews as well integrated corporate exclusive media outlets allowing us to plan and promote an event in under four weeks. She assembled a collection of talented strangers that quickly developed into a united team destined to make a difference. It was a huge success and the most gratifying event of my professional career.
— John Gros, New Orleans musician
Carrie Williamson has helped my roster of bands find so many thousands of new fans. Through her contacts and expertise, we were able to get the attention we would never been able to get on our own.
— Stephen Klein, Stephen Klein Management
Carrie took the time to understand what our firm does and how we operate. She was then able to help us greatly in both marketing and public relations, combining traditional approaches with more modern ones.
— Robert M. Steeg, Managing Partner, Steeg Law Firm