Websites - Four Pillars to Perfection

Our philosophy on websites is that every website should be built from the ground up based on four pillars: messaging, design, development and SEO. We have found that this approach is the most effective way to digitally communicate your brilliant idea. 

Messaging is the key first step.

  • Who are you (the identity of your company, organization or band)? 
  • What sets you apart from your competition (your selling points)? 
  • Who do you want to reach (your target audience)? 
  • What are your goals (money, mission, aspirations)? 
  • What do you want people to do on your website? (Buy your product or service? Make a donation? Book your band?)

You must be able to clearly answer these questions for us (and we admit, it's kind of hard work). Only then can we create the core content that will inform the design, development and SEO of you website.

Once we have nailed your core content, the fun begins.

Ideas percolate as we move into the concept phase. Excitement builds as we finalize the design.

Our developers bring your website to life. Our SEO experts work their magic.

The result is a digital marketing tool that reflects your unique personality and that will drive traffic to your new website and convert users to customers, clients, donors and fans. 

Needless to say, all of our websites are user-friendly and responsive, meaning that they work seamlessly whether a person is looking at them on their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.


  • Messaging - Core Content for all pages, including team bios, testimonials and initial news posts
  • Design - Custom design that reflects the personality of your company, organization or band
  • Development - Easy to use CMS (content management system); in-office tutorial; PDF Manual with instructions for content updates
  • SEO - Initial website Search Engine Optimization/Ongoing SEO services available (measurement, analysis, strategy, execution)
  • Branding/Identity/Logo - When you don't have a brand or need to refresh your brand

When we look at our marketing efforts, the main evaluation factor we go by are the results, and Carrie Williamson Marketing has helped us achieve our goals. Last year was a banner year for us with growth in all areas. In 2015, we experienced a greater than 60% increase in business over calendar year 2013! Carrie has worked with us to restructure our marketing efforts and rechannel our dollars to work more effectively.
— Mark Bielski, Director, Stephen Ambrose Historical Tours
Carrie was exactly what our company needed for the formulation of content for our new website. Systematically she was able to take our sometimes scattered thoughts and convert them into clear, concise copy that speaks directly to the markets that we’re trying to target.
— Peter B. Schultz, VP/General Manager, American Tradeshow Services
People tell me all the time how great my website looks. With Carrie Williamson’s great eye for design, and her knowledge of navigating the internet, she made it that way.
— Gina Forsyth, Folk Musician